October 15, 2014

Merlin's Grandson Video Trailer

Learn about Merlin's grandson and his adventures through space and time. In this fantasy, sci-fi, adventure crossover novel young Zebulon Finnegan searches the universe for seven hidden relics of Merlin.

Zebulon Finnegan Video Trailer

We all know the legend of the great wizard, Merlin. Do you know the legend surrounding his grandson? The Universe is about to find out!

The Adventure Begins

Learn about the adventures of Zebulon Finnegan. One Boy... One Teleportation Watch... Seven Hidden Artifacts... The Adventure Begins!

Merlin's Grandson

Learn about Merlin's grandson and his adventures through space and time. In this fantasy, sci-fi, adventure crossover novel young Zebulon Finnegan searches the universe for seven hidden relics of Merlin.

July 27, 2010

The Sword of Fire

The Sword of fire is the first Artifact of Merlin.

This is the drawing I did of the Sword of fire.

 Then, I cartoonized the drawing to make the edges more defined.

Then, I colored the sword, added the fire symbol, and the jewel on the pommel. 

Then, I added the background.

Then I added the blue flames.

August 13, 2004

Zebulon Quest Characters


Age 15. Zebulon is the adopted son of the cargo master of the Starship Ruby Darton a supply ship for the United Intergalactic Federation. John Finnegan adopted him from a penal planet before he was one year old. At age five, his adopted parents had a child of their own and pushed Bacon aside. They placed him in the corner of the cargo hold to live alone. Feeling guilty, John bought him a Companion Learning System Android to give Zebulon a teacher, caretaker, and some companionship.


Age 14. Michalka is the eldest daughter of Boston St. Clair who is captain of the Starship Ruby Darton. She has two younger sisters and is always looking after them. They pretty much have run of the ship and do anything they wish. You could say she has it all. She is smart, pretty and talented. Her talent and energy has led her to master the ancient art of Ballet and achieve a black belt in Karate.


Age 11. She is the middle child of the three St. Clair girls. Trapped in the middle she is never the first or the last to do anything. Her older sister Michalka is the perfect, overachiever and Pruitt as the "Baby" of the family. Because of this, she is overlooked by her father and has to compensate with a strong personality to be recognized or heard. Inapsis is very mighty in will and physical strength.


Age 8. The youngest of the three sisters she also possesses a strong personality, smarts and good looks. Pruitt is a mirror image to her oldest sister. If they were born at the same time, they could be twins. At times, she tries to outperform her sisters. Other times, she is more laid back than the other two. This comes from being the youngest and having two older siblings to do things for her.


Age 14. Reggie is shy around others. He becomes more open with those he trusts and knows. He has built up a good friendship with the St. Clair girls and is always hanging around them, when he is not studying or reading. He uses his knowledge to out-do or impress those he meets.

IQ32 (Companion System Learning Android):

Age 6324. IQ32 looks just like you or me. Nevertheless, under his skin he is a robot. His primary function is to serve children as a learning companion. His secondary function is to be their friend and confidant. IQ32 has a strange past. Somewhere his programming became faulty. Frequently he spouts out strange cliches that rarely make sense and when they do make sense they are witty and pertinent, but sometimes it creates problems.

August 12, 2004

Merlin Lore

The Legend of Merlin

KNOWN LEGEND:  Legends pass from one generation to the next. Some endure in written form. Others pass from lip to lip, and stand the test of time. Ambrosius, better known as Merlin, is one such legend that has endured on Earth for thousands of years. It has remained both in written and spoken form immortalized by writers such as Tennyson, Geoffrey of Monmouth, and Robert De Boron and kept alive by the tales of common folk alike.

The exact origin of the legend of Merlin is unknown. However, they each depict Merlin as a wizard, sorcerer, prophet, bard, advisor and tutor. It was said, Merlin was a half-blood, born with special powers; the ability to see the past and foretell the future.

In early medieval Welsh folk tales, he is depicted as an insane, “Wildman in the Woods” of the Caledonean Forest. In Arthurian lore, Merlin was portrayed for his role as an advisor, first as a boy to King Vortigern and then to King Uther.

Merlin was instrumental in the making of King Arthur. Merlin had a prior deal with King Uther. This deal made Uther hand his only son, Arthur over to him. With the help of Sir Ector, Merlin raised and tutored Arthur. Uther was without an heir to the throne, because he gave his son up at birth. Thus, Uther had a sword embedded in an anvil and placed on a stone. Engraved on the sword was his prophecy, “Whoever pulls this sword from this stone and anvil is the rightful born king of all England.” After King Uther died, Merlin set up a tournament of knights to draw the sword from the anvil. He knew Arthur would be there. Arthur mistakenly pulls the sword from the anvil, becomes Kind of England and Merlin becomes King Arthur’s advisor.

During this time, Merlin took on an apprentice. She was a young fairy woman named Niniane. (Some legends call her Nimue or Viviane and believe her to be the Lady in the Lake.) Merlin trained her in the art of wizardry and passed on all of his magical secrets. However, he fell deeply in love with Niniane. Unknown to Merlin, Niniane used his love in her favor. Niniane, who didn’t love him back, cast him into an oak tree while he was sleeping. (Other versions suggest he was cast into a bush, tower or rock.)

THE UNKNOWN LEGEND: From these legends, humans only knew Merlin as a magical advisor, whose foresights rang true. They do not know much about Merlin’s celestial ties. In all actuality, he was a supreme being who could travel to different worlds in the universe. In his disappearances from earth, he collected seventeen magical relics. Those seventeen relics combined, were to give him the ultimate power to rid evil from the universe.

Niniane spoiled his plans. She used subterfuge to get close to Merlin. His love for her blinded him to her true objective; gain his trust and when he had the seventeen articles, she was to steal them and bring them to her evil master. At the last moment, Merlin caught on to her plan. He slipped away through the portal of the Lady of The Lake and hid the relics throughout the universe. When he returned, he was exhausted and fell asleep against an Oak tree. Niniane cast her spell on him.

The relics remain hidden throughout the universe.

August 11, 2004

Zebulon Finnegan

Meet Zebulon Finnegan...
He is Merlin's Grandson...
He just doesn't know it yet!

Starship Ruby Darton Castaway Zebulon Finnegan learns of his adoption, steals a teleportation watch from Space Pirates, and recklessly transports himself, his android robot IQ32, and four new friends to the planet of his destiny. On the planet, he meets a White Witch who explains he is Merlin’s lost grandson and unleashes his magical powers. Zebulon embarks on his quest to find seven hidden magical artifacts, but first he must rescue his friends and defeat the evil Warlock, Zamra-Teg who is out to kill him. Only then can he complete his quest to find the remaining artifacts and release Merlin from his enchantment on Earth.

The Artifacts of Merlin

'The Prophecy of Rye' foretells of the one called the Quasar Star who will collect the seven artifacts and turn the tide against evil in the universe. The artifacts wait for the Quasar Star to fulfill the prophecy.

This is the story of the one who will become a great legend!