The Adventures of Merlin's Grandson Through Space and Time

Fifteen-year-old Zebulon Finnegan just found a teleportation watch and recklessly transports himself, his four new friends, and his redundant Android IQ32 from the Starship Ruby Darton to the planet of his destiny. He meets up with a White Witch who explains he is Merlin’s lost grandson and unleashes his magical powers. Zebulon embarks on his quest to find seven hidden magical artifacts. Before he can do that, he must rescue his friends and defeat the evil Warlock, Zamra-Teg who is out to kill him. Then, if he is successful, he can complete his quest to find the remaining artifacts and release Merlin from his enchantment on Earth.

"Crafted in a futuristic setting with many historical overtones, ZEBULON QUEST is a new concept crossover novel complete with adventure, fantasy, and science fiction mixed with the legend of Merlin. Check out this great epic tale, for young and old alike!"

--T.A. Northburg