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Author Tim Northburg

"It is my goal to inspire children and adults of all ages to follow their dream and achieve success in their lives!"

As a child, Tim Northburg loved to act out adventures with his friends. In the park he played the roles of a British spy, a hero in a galaxy far away, or a brave Knight of the round table. Many years later, when reading his children the bedtime stories he loved as a kid, his wondrous imagination was sparked to create an adventure that brought all of those themes together. Tim Northburg lives at the base of the Rocky Mountains in colorful Colorado with his wife and three children. He writes from the imagination he had as a child and enjoys the opportunity to share it with others. It is his goal to inspire people of all ages to use their imagination to reach their dreams.

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T.A. Northburg brings a variety of topics and activities to schools and the classroom. Here is a sample of the modules he shares with students and organizations.

GOALS: This module shares with the class his experience setting and working towards goals. What is a goal? Goals vs. dreams. How to set goals.

SUCCESS: This module outlines a definition of success. What does success mean to you? What does it look like? In the end, each student will write down his or her own definition of success.

WRITING: This module shares the importance of style and grammar. Mr. Northburg will also discuss Setting, Plot, Characterization, Conflict, Theme. Classroom exercises are available, if time permitted.

PUBLISHING: Does a book just appear on the shelf in the bookstore? No. This module explains there is a lot of hard work and a process to getting a book published. What are the steps involved? Research, Writing, Editing, Synopsis, Letters, Querying Agents, More Editing, Publisher, Distribution, Marketing.

READING: In this module T.A. Northburg will read sample chapters of his novel and discuss how he created the story.

Q&A: Question and answer time with the students. T.A. Northburg will answer questions about writing that the students pose.

BOOK SIGNING: T.A. Northburg will sign books and talk with guests. Discounts are offered for purchases of 25 or more books purchased through the author site.

Visit Rates


Full day = $500 plus travel fee*

Half day (Colorado schools only) = $300 plus travel fee*


Speaking fee = $100 per hour, plus travel fee*

*The travel fee is $50 for every thirty minutes of travel beyond the first thirty miles from Fort Collins (i.e.: the travel fee to a location that's two hours from Fort Collins would be $150 dollars).

Discounts on travel given if multiple visits scheduled in one area.

If out of state, please schedule a minimum of two full days.

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If you would like to contact author Tim Northburg or ask a question simply email him at zebulonquest(atsign)gmail.com. Make sure you have a clear reason for contact so I don't put you in my spam file. I will do my best to promptly reply to your question or comment. Thank you.